Our tools

Beyond Financials has several tools that can be deployed as needed, to facilitate the implementation of projects.

Input-Output Tables (National or regionalized)

The Input/Output tables are economic tools designed to model inter-branch relations of the productive sectors of the economy. They are mainly used to assess the impact of a significant change in the production or consumption of one or more products to the rest of the economy. They are consistent with national accounts.

The Input/Output tables are handy tools to use in the course of study "macro" economic because, once built, it requires little input data to get results. However, it is important to know the limitations of such a method.

Generally, estimates of intra-industries and inter-branches training effects in terms of production are relatively accurate. However, each transformation in jobs, payroll, taxes and other local economic impact indicators integrates a level of uncertainty and therefore requires the consideration of confidence intervals. Finally, the results obtained from the use of Input/Output tables are not to be taken as a "measure" but as an "order of magnitude".

I/O regionalized

Beyond Financials has developed its own economic analysis tool from public data. Its operation is based on econometric techniques to build and localize the input / output tables (from public data from National Statistics)

Online Surveys

The online questionnaires are useful and practical tools for data collection. Beyond Financials can open an online platform and quickly proposes a customized questionnaire in this case.


Diane is an macro and microeconomic analysis tool (based on data from COFACE Services) which lists the companies that published their annual accounts. It provides access to descriptive, financial and economic data on French companies. The data can be used to make economic footprint studies.

Orbis is a tool similar to Diane but provides it with data on a perimeter "world."


IMPLAN is an economic analysis tool based on the use of input/output tables, dedicated to the US economy and is used by many American consultants.

Development of customized tools

Beyond Financials also has skills to develop tailor-made tools customized to the projects. These tools include facilitating data collection phases, and can be developed in the client’s system.


Beyond Financials can provide various deliverables resulting from the economic footprints:

  • Detailed results: These deliverables have all detailed results of the study and intermediate calculations, providing full transparency on the calculations made. These documents are typically reserved for internal use and are not intended to be communicated,
  • Excel sheet summaries: These deliverables present the study results in the form of key indicators. These summaries can be directly integrated in Institutional communications materials such as annual reports,
  • Computer Graphics: The graphics are used to present the results of the study more vivid and graphic. It can be of different types according to customer requirements (tables, charts, diagram, flow chart...),
  • Methodological document: This report describes in detail the methodology applied in the study. It is intended for a technical audience and is used to make transparent all assumptions, sources, biases and data used,
  • Educational Summary report: This report, shorter than the previous, presents pedagogically the results and the methodology of the study. It is for the general public and can be published as is.