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Local Economic Footprint

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Local Economic Footprint

A Local economic study measures the economic benefits (income, employment, taxes) of a site on its locality, identifying different levels of distribution from economic actors.

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You can use the results of your impact study in your institutional communication and your official documents (annual report, sustainable development report, etc.). The Local economic footprint allows to differentiate yourself and enhance your public image.


To highlight the positive economic impact of your project on its territory is an additional argument to obtain aid or counterparties from public administration. It is also a tool for dialogue with various stakeholders.


The results of economic impact diagnostics may be used to adopt actions in order to improve the anchoring of the project on its local territory (study of the local economy, local suppliers, local industries sectors ...). The company owns tools to measure, monitor and influence over time the effects of its activity on the territory.


As part of a call, implementing an economic impact study provides help to choose between several projects based on their economic impacts: social, taxation, AV... To conduct an economic impact study allows in particular to present arguments to help win a tender.


An economic impact study is an innovative tool to launch a new product, to differentiate from the competition and to enhance the company's image. In the finance sector, this type of study is truly innovative and displays an indicator to differentiate on financial products.

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It estimates the socio-economic and fiscal impact of a project by making assumptions about future operations (extrapolation of an existing site or development of scenarios) with the aim to simulate the territory effects on short and medium term.

Financial products

The purpose of this study is to propose an innovative and differentiating approach, creating a new extra-financial indicator to identify the economic impacts of a fund. The approach estimates the economic impacts of a financial portfolio based on its assets and the amounts invested.

Site or activity

This type of study is to retrieve accounting data and socio-economic information on a site and to calculate all local economic impacts using both empirical data (questionnaires) and statistical data (IO, sectors, data).


The economic impact of an event seeks to measure all economic benefits generated in a territory thanks to the existence of an event. This offer is particularly suited for federations so they can offer their members a customized tool.

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